Archery Releases: Everything you need to know.

Archery Releases: Everything you need to know.

Our hands have over 17,000 receptors and nerve endings. They send information to the brain instantaneously. Release aids for compound shooters are just as personal as the bow they shoot. From handheld releases to wrist strap releases, these all require “back tension” to correctly execute the shot. Back tension is what occurs when you’re pulling into the back wall (squeezing your rhomboids and scapula’s down) of the bow to get a surprise shot; this keeps you from creeping forward and can also help reduce pin float.

Handheld releases are my go-to style. Within the handheld release community, you have many different release types.

1. Hinge releases– they’re commonly called back tension releases. They have a moon and sear and works together based off rotation.

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2. Thumb buttons- this type of release works when pressure is built up on the thumb pad and a surprise shot occurs. The goal for this release is not to press the thumb barrel but to get onto your target, find your barrel with the fatty part of your thumb pad and begin to pull with finesse into the back wall of the bow to create a surprise shot.

3. Tension releases– these releases are true back tension releases. They have a safety that you press with your thumb while drawing the bow. When you find you’re anchor point and have your pin floating on the target simply let off the safety and begin to pull with steady pressure until the release fires. This release requires a bow scale to set, based off the holding weight of the bow. I recommend setting 5lbs heavier than the holding weight you shoot.

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Wrist strap releases work in conjunction with the index finger. The goal with a wrist strap release is not to punch or slap the trigger, but to build pressure with the middle portion of your index finger to get a surprise shot.

Releases are very personal to an archer and it’s important to be confident in your shot with whatever style release you decide. If you’re not familiar with some of the releases mentioned above, head to our website and check out the selection. We offer all the releases described above and will even let you try them out if you visit our home store at 100 Western BLVD #A. Jacksonville, N.C 28546.

We hope to see you come by if you can and as always, enjoy shooting!

-Cody Griffin Extreme Outfitters Staff


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