Ethics Archery Arrow Insert vs Outsert System

Ethics Archery Product Review – Insert vs Outsert System

Ethics Archery leads the way when it comes to arrow components

Ethics Archery is a veteran owned and family operated company located right here in North Carolina. They provide the highest quality components manufactured for precision. The best part of all is their products are all made in America! Whether you are a hunter or a competitive archer, Ethics Archery offers arrow components for all archers’ needs.

Archery is a sport that has been practiced by humans since the dawn of time, and it still takes place in just about every corner of the world today.

Some people practice it recreationally and compete against each other to see who’s best, others do it more as a way to connect with nature and feel closer to their ancestors while some do it purely to provide food for themselves and their families.

Either way, modern archery has evolved dramatically from the bows to the arrows, and down to the components thanks to companies like Ethics Archery.

What Makes Their Arrow Components Better

The very first thing that really sets Ethics Archery components apart is their precision machining. Every insert system and outsert is machined consistently providing matched grain weight for each component.

This ensures each arrow build (providing you’re using match grade arrows) is consistent in weight. Which if you know anything about archery, consistency and repeatability are key to accuracy! 

The next thing that sets Ethics Archery apart is ingenuity. Each of their inserts and outsert systems are weight adjustable.  They have indicators allowing you to cut down the component to meet the weight requirement you are after for your particular arrow build.

They also have glue grooves which help the inserts adhere better to the inside of the shaft so you don’t have to worry about your inserts pulling out when you pull the arrow out of a target. 

Finally with Ethics Archery being a veteran owned company all their components are made here in the United States of America! The craftsmanship and quality control are second to none.

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Ethics Archery Outsert System Explained

What arrow components do they offer

Ethics Archery Assortment

If you are an FOC (Front of center) guy then you will love Ethics Archery. They offer a wide variety of components including field points, adjustable static inserts and adjustable outsert systems.  The field points come in a wide variety of weights from 85gr all the way up to a massive 350gr.

Their field points also come in a multitude of sizes to fit the different outer diameters of their insert and outsert systems. The sizes available are .281 (9/32), .310 (5/16), and .346 (11/32).

The thing we really like about their field points and all of their components are how perfectly machined the threads are. With their components you can be assured that they will fit snuggly together and not have to worry about re-tightening your field point every time you shoot an arrow and pull it from a target.

Their adjustable static inserts are exactly like they sound, static inserts that can be adjusted to the desired weight by simply cutting them down.

With the clearly defined cutting lines it is easy to tell where to cut the insert to get the correct weight you are after. Available in high quality stainless steel and aluminum you can achieve the right FOC you are after for any arrow build.

Ethics Archery outsert system is comprised of a post and a sleeve. Like the insert the outsert system comes in stainless steel or aluminum and can be cut down to a desired weight. The way the outsert system works is by inserting the post into the shaft and sliding the sleeve over the post and end of the arrow.

The advantage that some archers claim is that an outsert system is like an insurance policy for your arrow. It improves the strength and durability of the arrow by preventing the carbon from mushrooming out when taking hard front impacts.

Should You Choose The Static Insert Or Outsert System?

This really depends on you and your goals for your current arrow build as both systems have benefits. Inserts tend to be more precise and easier to tune. If you are just looking to increase your FOC a little bit and use a higher quality machined insert then Ethics Archery static inserts are a great choice.

However an outsert system tends to create more protection around the end of the shaft but can be harder to tune if not installed correctly. They can also bend and cause wobble in flight if hit hard against something. But it’s hard to deny the extra layer of protection they provide for your arrows. If you are really looking to increase that FOC, strengthen your arrow shaft and have a harder hitting arrow then you should consider the outsert system.


When it goes to archery arrow components, Ethics Archery static inserts and outsert systems are hard to beat. With their high-quality precision machining and all of the different options including sizes and weights they provide you can find the perfect component for any arrow build.

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