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The TRUBall Executive Christopher Perkins Signature Series Release

The Truball Executive Christopher Perkins Signature Series Release is one the most anticipated releases from TRUBall

The Truball Executive has done something as two patent pending features that have never been done before in a release aid. This release is a hinge style release often referred to as a back tension release. It is just a handheld release aid that does not have a button but fires by rotation. Hinge style releases come in a number of styles, color options and sizes. Here is everything you need to know about the NEW Truball Executive release aid.

Truball Executive Christopher Perkins Signature Series Release overview

The Truball Executive release aid was designed by Christopher Perkins a 30-year-old Canadian compound archer who is currently ranked 74th in the world with a career best ranking of 3rd in the world. He has been competing for over a decade and holds multiple World Archery Championships.

The Truball Executive release aid like all Truball releases is made here in the USA. This release however offers something that has never been done before in a release aid. It has a micro adjustable head length that allows you to find your perfect draw length and fit. With a .25” adjustment both in and out the days of changing d-loop after d-loop to find that perfect draw length is long gone.

TRUBall Executive Features:
  • Micro-adjustable click length
  • Micro-adjustable back-tension speed
  • Micro-adjustable head length
  • Hi-Def knurled finger beds
  • One size fits most
  • Anodized red aluminum head
  • Brass handle for added weight
Truball Executive Christopher Perkins Signature Series Release on bowstring

Micro Adjusting the head length

When it comes to adjusting the head length you can get the exact fit you are after with the micro adjustment capability of this release. Simply locate the adjustment screw on the bottom of the release. By turning the adjustment screw clockwise the release pulls the head in and turning the screw counter clockwise moves the head out. This release only comes in one size so moving the head out also increases the size of the finger hole to accommodate all hand sizes.

Adjusting the click speed

No longer do you have to take the release apart to change from a fast click, regular click to a slow click. All the adjustments are built into the Truball Executive release. Simply locate the silver set screw on the top of the release, loosen it with a quarter turn. Then locate the black adjustment screw above that and turn it clockwise to increase the speed of the click or turn it counter clockwise to decrease the speed. Once you get your desired speed simply lock down that silver set screw and you are good to go. This release even has the ability to completely do away with the click and use it with the no click option.

Adjusting the overall speed

Because the Truball Executive offers two independent sears you are able to micro adjust the overall speed to your liking by simply turning the set screw on the bottom of the release. Turning the adjustment screw clock wise will increase the overall speed of the release and turning it counter clock wise will decrease the overall speed of the release.

Why shoot a hinge release?

The primary reason archers shoot a hinge style release is to create that surprise shot. A hinge style release does not a have a button or trigger you press to make the release go off. You have to use true back tension in order to make the release aid fire. Using proper back tension is the correct way to shoot a bow for you to be consistent and accurate while minimizing target panic, which any archer will tell you can be crippling. Target panic is just a form of anxiety you experience as you aim your bow before you release your shot.

Using back tension simply means you allow your sight pin to float on your target and you start to pull through your shot by allowing your elbow to rotate behind your head using your back muscles, primarily your rhomboid muscles between your scapulae or shoulder blades to correctly release your arrow. This process is what creates that perfect surprise shot.


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Truball Executive in Hand

Our final thoughts

The Truball Executive Christopher Perkins Signature series release aid comes with a variety of features and adjustments. With the adjustable head length, click speed and overall speed this release can be set up to accommodate any archer and their shooting style.

The nickel-plated brass provides a good weight and overall feel to the release.
We are big fans of Truball because of their limited lifetime warranty and incredible quality control. You know you are getting a superior product every time.

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