Top 5 Hunting Packs We Tested and Used in 2022
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Top 5 Hunting Packs We Tested and Used in 2022

The right hunting pack sits at the center of your kit.

Let’s talk about one of the main pieces of kit when hunting: Hunting Packs. Hunting provides you with the opportunity to be out in the wild and tap into a primal way of living. But, for your hunting experience to be successful, you need the right gear.

When it comes to hunting gear, most focus on finding the right boots, gloves, or knife. While all these are essential, there is one piece of equipment that can really affect your hunting adventure – the backpack. 

Finding the best hunting pack can be quite a personal choice. It depends very much on the type and amount of equipment you are carrying, your experience, and how much time you like to spend in the wild.

Generally speaking, good hunting packs must provide enough space to carry your gear and tons of meat after a kill but also be lightweight, so it doesn’t slow you down. It should also offer enough support, so you don’t end up with annoying back or neck pain after your adventure.

I should know, I’ve made some questionable choices in past hunting trips; but that’s where our experience can help someone reading this article not to make the same mistakes.  So, there are a lot of factors you should put on your list when looking for a hunting pack, and we understand very well how overwhelming this task can be. 

To make things easier for you, we’ve rounded up the best five hunting packs we tested and used ourselves at Extreme Outfitters in 2022. Here’s why we liked them and why we recommend them.

How we rated these packs

Our rating was based only on hunting packs my staff and myself use on a consistent basis. Scoring points of 1 to 100 (100 being the best), with the following criteria: Fit & Comfort (with an emphasis on adjustability), Pack Features (specially related to hunting), Durability and Cost. It is worth mentioning, that although these are not relatively “budget” packs, you do get what you pay for. All of these packs are very well made and high performing packs that will be more than suitable for any hunting outing.

1. The Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38 Backpack

You don’t need to be out for days on end to require a good hunting pack. Short hunting days can be just as exhausting and challenging. The Mystery Ranch Pop Up 38 was designed to offer hunters bigger and better pack options for precisely those instances.

Notable Feature: What made us really fall for this pack is that you can easily convert it from a day pack into a generous load-hauling system. It can carry up to 80 lbs. without putting too much strain on your back.

Our Rating

Fit & Comfort 90Points
Features & Design 85Points
Durability 92Points
Cost 70Points

2. Badlands Sacrifice LS Hunting Pack

If you’re about to go hunting and venture into more challenging areas, then you know that you need gear that works with you, not against you. When it comes to hunting packs, you need one that is flexible, easily accessible and offers comprehensive load-hauling capabilities. 

Notable Feature: In our experience, we found that Badlands Sacrifice can carry the weight without actually weighing us down.

Our Rating

Fit & Comfort 75Points
Features & Design 80Points
Durability 90Points
Cost 75Points
Mystery Ranch Marshall Expedition Hunting Pack
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3. Mystery Ranch Marshall Expedition Pack

If you are looking for a hunting pack that just screams versatility, then this is the right one for you. This is a pack that will allow you to focus on your hunt without having to worry about the weight you must carry. Easily accessible, versatile, and full of useful features like side zippers for easy access, overload features, and auto lock buckles to prevent slippage will make your expeditions more enjoyable.

Notable Feature: The way it’s designed with a five-point waist belt ensures weight distribution regardless of the weight you are carrying.

Our Rating

Fit & Comfort 90Points
Features & Design 90Points
Durability 95Points
Cost 70Points

4. Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack

The Mystery Ranch Metcalf Backpack can be a great choice, especially if you just want to go out for a short hike. That’s not to say it can’t help you carry your gear and supplies during longer hunting trips too. So, if you are looking for a hunting pack that offers both versatility and all-around utility, this one might just be for you.

Notable Feature: We especially loved its durability. We hiked through miles of dense forest, and we didn’t see any tears or noticeable abrasions in the fabric.

Our Rating

Fit & Comfort 90Points
Features & Design 90Points
Durability 95Points
Cost 75Points

5. Badlands MRK 6 Hunting Pack

Carrying a large kill on your back for miles on end can be difficult, to say the least. But, with the MRK 6 hunting pack, we were carrying almost 45 pounds and barely even noticed it. That’s what you get with a hunting pack designed with comfort in mind.

Notable Feature: All those straps are cleverly placed so that they help you distribute the weight evenly. Moreover, the fact that you can place the load closer to your back makes it easier to carry it. And when you don’t have a load, you can adjust it so that you can carry the pack lower.

Our Rating

Fit & Comfort 89Points
Features & Design 85Points
Durability 85Points
Cost 70Points

Which One Should You Choose?

After trying and testing these backpacks throughout 2022, we can honestly say that they are amazing. They have made our hunting trips more fun as we didn’t have to struggle anymore with uncomfortable or unfit hunting packs that were just slowing us down.

These are the packs that worked for us. If you are on the market for the best hunting packs, keep an eye out for:

  • Able to Carry Heavy Loads: Especially if you are a dedicated hunter who spends days trekking into the wild, make sure your pack can accommodate a heavy load (up to 80 pounds or even more.)
  • Make Sure It Fits You Like a Glove: Sure, hunting packs nowadays come with tons of adjustable straps. Make sure to find a size that properly fits your torso length.
  • Offers Ample Space: You need enough space to fit all your gear and trekking and camping equipment, such as a tent, sleeping bag, extra clothing, and so on.
Top 5 Hunting Packs We Tested and Used in 2022
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Zakk Plocica is the owner and operator of Extreme Outfitters. He loves his family; he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and a true patriot.

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About Zakk Plocica

Zakk Plocica is the owner and operator of Extreme Outfitters. He loves his family; he is an avid hunter and outdoorsman and a true patriot.

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