July 27th, 2019

Extreme Hunter Athlete is a fitness/archery course designed to challenge participant’s physical and mental toughness. The course will require athletes to endure physical tests of strength and stamina then shoot at 3D targets along the course. The event is timed, meaning athletes will need to keep pace and push themselves in order to succeed.

Our goal for this competition is to build comradery and community. Regardless of your level of fitness, age, gender or skills as an archer, this is geared towards anyone who is willing to push themselves a little farther, whether you’re an eastern hunter or just have a love for the outdoors. All are welcome to compete. Spectators welcome!

Athlete on Course


Richlands, North Carolina

Event Schedule

  • 6:30am Check in. (Each competitor will be given a number. This number must be written on at least one vane of every arrow and on competitors forearm.)
  • Rules and expectations will be stated once all competitors are signed in
  • 7:50am National Anthem
  • 8:00am First heat of 5 will start

Competition Overview:

    1. 10 over the box burpees
    2.    Drag tire 100 ft
    3.    Shoot target 30 yards (15 yrds for trad)
    4.    Drag tire back to box
    1. 10 bag on shoulder lunges Drag tire
    2.   100 ft Shoot target 30 yards (15 yrds for trad)
    3.   Drag tire back to box
    1. 10 bag clean and press Drag tire
    2.   100 ft Shoot target 30 yards (15 yrds for trad)
    3.   Drag tire back to box
    1. 10 box jumps, no bag Drag tire 100ft
    2.   Shoot target 30 yards (15 yrds for trad)
    3.   Drag tire back to box
  1. 10 bag on shoulder squats
  2.   Ruck up Run to target
  3.   Shoot 30 yards (15 yrds for trad)

Start timed 3D course

3D Course Overview:

  • Must wear pack with correct weight
  • Course is for time
  • 1+ mile loop  
  • 5 targets, including bonuses to improve time and shots to test your skills as an archer
  • Cross the finish line!!!



  • Mens Hunter (16-39) – 50lb Pack
  • Mens Masters (40+) – 30lb Pack
  • Womens Hunter (16-39) – 30lb Pack
  • Womens Masters (40+) – 15lb Pack

Equipment Needed For Competitors

  • Must supply own pack and own weight (will be weighed at check in)
  • A minimum 10 arrows
  • Bow and Release
  • Range finders and Binos are allowed
  • Must use same equipment setup throughout competition


  • no magnifications
  • no stabilizers over 12”
  • no hip quivers (bow quiver or arrows in pack only)
  • scores will be based on shot placement
    • 10 ring=30 sec deduction
    • 8 ring=no time
    • 5 ring=30 sec addition
    • Miss=1 min addition
  • The time adjusted determines place of competitors
  • Competitors will not pull their own arrows
  • Again, this competition is for time. The clock will start at the beginning of the first circuit rotation and stop for each competitor when crossing the finish line.

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