Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks we have in Stock
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Top 10 Best Hiking Backpacks we have in Stock

Selecting the right hiking backpack can make your hike truly enjoyable.

We’re quite fortunate these days to have gear to suit almost every type of need you can imagine, including backpacks that are specially designed for hiking. That said, the abundance of choice can also make the process of selecting one overwhelming.

Let’s first look at six categories to help you assess your needs. Then, we’ll provide a definitive list of the best 10 hiking backpacks on the market right now. These 10 cover a range of styles and needs, so there’s something for everyone.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Hiking Backpack

  1. Durability: No matter your style, your hiking backpack is going to take a beating over time. Any good product will be able to withstand the elements and should last for years. Take careful stock of the materials used to make it and read online reviews from users about the impact of normal wear and tear.
  2. Brand and warranty: We work hard to carry the best brands, and some of them come with a manufacturer’s warranty. Consider whether you’d benefit from that kind of peace of mind.
  3. Storage space: More isn’t always better. Think about how long you spend on your hikes and how much you need to carry.
  4. Comfort: There’s nothing worse than being unnecessarily uncomfortable on a hike, especially if you have to cut it short. There are hiking backpacks that are ergonomically designed for certain conditions and body types.
  5. Accessories and amenities: One of the most popular is a water bladder or other kind of water vessel, but there are lots of other little add-ons to think about.
  6. Closures, hardware, and construction: This is something of a catch-all category that encompasses zippers versus roll-tops, Velcro pockets, and other hardware-related items on the backpack.

Now, let’s get into the actual hiking backpacks that we most recommend. Click the links to read more about each one.

1. Baja 20 Navy/Gray Ventilated Back 20 Liter Daypack

This Alps Mountaineering versatile hiking backpack is great not only on the trail, but for daily use as well. It has tons of storage while being very lightweight, with lots of extra pockets and features that allow the wearer to customize its use.

Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 15 | Hiking Backpack

2. Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 15

Weighing well under two pounds, this hiking backpack is the smallest in the Rip Ruck series, so it’s best for shorter hikes or everyday lightweight use. It has a top-haul handle for versatile carrying and special pockets for items such as laptops. It also has internal dividers for added organization and a rip-zip opening equipped with magnets for easy, one-handed access when needed.

3. Trooper Light Pack 35

Originally designed as a combat backpack with a removable orange warning flag, this hiking backpack from Tasmanian Tiger is ergonomically designed, perfect for heavy loads carried over a long period of time.

4. Mystery Ranch Rip Ruck 24

This hiking backpack is one of the best for organization with many uniquely designed pockets and compartments for both outdoor and everyday use, including storage designed specifically for a laptop and documents. It is a larger model similar to the Rip Ruck 15 listed above. It also features a daisy chain for accessories and might be best for people who like to hike when travelling.

5. Mystery Ranch 2 Day Assault Pack

Although not quite appropriate for actual military operations, this hiking backpack has many of the same features suitable for non-combat uses. It features interior dump pockets as well as space for a laptop and other compartments of various sizes for a variety of needs. It also has compression straps that make it comfortable to carry, and it is made of ultra-durable 500D CORDURA fabric.

6. Mystery Ranch Coulee 25 Pack

This bag features Mystery Ranch’s popular three-zip design that allows you to access your most essential gear while hiking, including food and water, jacket or windshirt, and camera. This hiking backpack is designed for single-day use or light outings and also features woven exterior pockets and side compression straps. It weighs just under three pounds.

7. Badlands Timber Hunting Pack—Approach FX

This hiking backpack was specifically designed with the hunter in mind. It has several features that make it great for a hunting expedition, especially a treestand-friendly reinforced carrying strap, abrasion-resistant back suspension, and multiple rear compression straps. It can hold more than 100 pounds and is made of a strong moisture- and water-resistant material. It has seven pockets and weighs in under three pounds.

8. Mystery Ranch Coulee 40 Pack

Like other bags in Mystery Ranch’s Coulee line, this hiking backpack features their patented and popular three-zip design for quick, easy access at just under four pounds. Larger in size, this model is great for overnight trips or heavier day trips. It is exceptionally stable with several composite rods and is ergonomically designed to evenly distribute weight while carrying, making it more comfortable. Other features include carry loops and woven exterior pockets.

Tactical Tailor Malice Pack Version 2—OD

9. Tactical Tailor Malice Pack Version 2—OD

This backpack was designed as a version of military-issue backpacks so it’s spacious, durable, and versatile. Designed to be carried long distances and for long amounts of time, it has several added comfort features. In addition, it offers easy access with snaps on outside pockets and buckles on the straps. Each of the pockets have small drain holes, and the bag has a carry handle and storm flap.

10. Range Pack MK II

Last but not least, this backpack from Tasmanian Tiger has an extremely large capacity for combat missions lasting several weeks. It has an X1 carrying system and other features that make it durable even in adverse weather conditions. Finally, it has several detachable compartments for easy carry and other uses.

How to Choose Your Hiking Backpack

Remember that the best backpack for you depends on your needs. If your hikes look more like nature walks (and there’s nothing wrong with that), you don’t need the most expensive or complicated model on this list. Let us listen to your needs and help you make the right choice.

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