Chalker Sling w/Elastic Adjustable Back


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The Chalker TAC Sling, designed by Command Master Chief Dennis Chalker, U.S. Navy (retired), Plank Owner SEAL Team 6, and Red Cell. It is versatile and durable and the Chalker snap shackle feature allows for rapid hook up or release from any weapon. It allows the user to access the strong or weak side with no line-of-sight interference. The Chalker is ideal for a gas environment, with no across-the-shoulder strap that can break your mask seal. When rappelling or fastroping, the Chalker allows for rapid reacquisition of your weapon when you come off a rope. The Chalker is comfortable for long periods of time without any back, neck, or shoulder strain. Your primary weapon is always at the ready. The Chalker Sling can be used interchangeably on any SMG, carbine, shot gun, or shoulder mount weapon, including 37mm and 40mm gas guns.

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