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Walkstool Comfort comes as four different models with sitting heights 45, 55, 65 and 75 cm (18, 22, 26 and 30 in). The smallest model features a large and comfortable seat size, and seat size increases with height on higher models.

Walkstool Comfort is made in thier own factory in Sweden and has a light weight construction with telescopic legs in aluminum. By not extending the telescopic legs, you will be able to use Walkstool in a lower sitting height as well. Walkstool Comfort offers big rubber feet and an ergonomically shaped seat of mesh material, making it possible to sit comfortably for extensive periods of time. All Comfort models come with a practical bag for easy carry and storage.

Walkstool is the only three legged telescopic stool in the world with patents and trademark protections.

Comfort 45

  • Height: 45cm/18in
  • Weight: 725g/26oz
  • Max Load: 200kg/440lbs
  • Seat Size: 35cm/14in

Comfort 55

  • Height: 55cm/22in
  • Weight: 800g/28oz
  • Max Load: 225kg/495lbs
  • Seat Size: 37.5cm/15in

Comfort 65

  • Height: 65cm/26in
  • Weight: 850g/30oz
  • Max Load: 250kg/550lbs
  • Seat Size: 40cm/16in

Comfort 75

  • Height: 75cm/30in
  • Weight: 930g/33oz
  • Max Load: 250kg/550lbs
  • Seat Size: 40cm/16in
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  1. Jeffrey Anthony

    Strong and light, as advertised, decent case for it although i’d have liked nylon strap or something to actually affix it to a pack compared to the strings as a sling. When pulling out the legs you need to be careful that they dont pop the whole way out, the lock buttons dont engage if you slide the legs out fast. When ordering, make absolutely sure of what size you need, this one is too tall for me (6′). Other than those quirks, great stool, still haven’t found better out there.

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