Hesco M210 Armor Plates Review & Overview
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Hesco M210 Armor Plates Review & Overview

The Hesco M210 Special Rifle Threat Stand Alone Armor Plates are durable and lightweight.

You gain concealability and special threat protection without severely restricting your mobility. If you’re in the field, the last thing that you want to worry about is whether you have adequate protection. Unfortunately, not all levels of body armor can shield against rifle rounds.

When you need superior protection against special threats, Hesco M210 armor plates have you covered. Here is a closer look at what you can expect from Hesco M210 armor plates and why you should consider adding them to your collection.

Understanding Body Armor Ratings

The National Institute of Justice (NIJ) classifies body armor based on threat levels. Each level includes different standards that specify the type of rounds that the armor can stop.

To better understand the level of protection provided by the Hesco M210 armor plates, let’s examine the NIJ body armor levels:

  • Level I
  • Level IIA
  • Level II
  • Level IIIA
  • Level III
  • Level IV

Level III body armor is designed to protect against 7.62×51 M80 ball ammo at a velocity of 2,780 FPS while Level IV is designed to stop up to a 30-06 M2 AP round. The M855 NATO round is also commonly used but not covered by the NIJ standards for Level III armor. Enter the Special Rifle Threat plates.

M855 NATO Green Tip Round

What Are Special Threat Armor Plates?

A special threat plate fits somewhere between the Level III and Level IV ratings. These plates are designed to stop a “special threat” not covered by the NIJ standards.

M855 green tip can penetrate up to 3mm of steel at a distance of 600 meters. Special threat armor plates with the “L210” and “M210” specifications provide multi-hit protection for M855 ammo.

The Hesco M210 armor plates fall into the Hesco 200 series ballistic armor, measure 15mm thick and come in a variety of designs and cuts to suit different situations.

Hesco M210 Body Armor Plate Cuts

Hesco 200 series body armor plates come in a variety of different types of cuts, including:

  • Full cut
  • Shooters cut
  • Swimmers cut
  • SAPI (Small arms protective insert)

Full-cut plates are rectangular or square. The corners feature less of an angle compared to the other types of cuts. Due to the block-shaped design, these plates are often used to protect the back or side. They are also often used as inserts in backpacks.

Shooter cut plates are rectangular, but the top corners are cut further. The design restricts the movement of your arms less compared to the full cut.

Swimmer cut plates include a more extreme cut at the top corners, allowing for complete movement of the arms and shoulders. You get slightly less coverage but increased mobility compared to the shooter’s cut.

The SAPI (Small Arms Protect Insert) design has a 45-degree clip and rounded corners. They come in various sizes to suit different needs.

Features of the Hesco M210 Special Rifle Threat Plates

The Hesco M210 plates belong to the Hesco Body Armor 200 series of plates made for easier concealment. Some of the highlights and main features include:

  •  Single and multi-curve designs
  • Durable, water-resistant coating
  • Made with superior composite materials
  • Precision quality control

The Hesco M210 armor plates come in either a multi-curve swimmer cut or SAPI cut.

Single-curve plates feature a rectangular shape that curves around the torso.

Multi-curve plates include a more contoured shape for a better and more comfortable fit.

Hesco M210 Threat Performance

Both options are available in several sizes and made with the same high level of precision.

Hesco armor plates include a water-resistant polyurethane coating for lasting protection and against gradual wear. The standard large-size armor plate measures 10 x 12 inches and is intended to protect the chest. It has a thickness of 15 mm and weighs 5.1 pounds (2.3 kilograms).

Why Should You Buy the Hesco M210 Armor Plates?

The Hesco M210 armor – Special Rifle Threat Plates offer a great combination of concealability and protection. These plates also offer protection against a special rifle threat—M855 steel core rounds which is an incredibly common round now a days for the AR-15 platform.

The M855 is a 5.56 x 45 mm caliber round with a steel core. It was originally called the SS109 and has been in use for over 50 years. It is also often referred to as “green tip” ammo, as the nose is painted green.

The steel penetrator tip allows M855 rounds to penetrate steel body armor of certain thicknesses. You would typically need body armor with Level IV protection to stop M855 rounds, as many Level III armor plates lack adequate protection. Unfortunately, Level IV body armor also limits your mobility. Hesco M210 plates provide an alternative.

The Hesco M210 armor plate offers both low visibility and special threat protection. These plates are designed to be worn where concealability is an asset. While heavier torso plates can also stop M855 rounds, the Hesco M210 plates are lighter and more comfortable. They also come in various styles to suit your preferences.

Order your Hesco M210 Special Rifle Threat Armor plates today!

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