TRU Ball Abyss X-Tension Flex




TRU Ball Abyss X-Tension Flex

The Abyss X-Tension Flex provides angle and finger placement repeatability providing a consistent shot after shot. This is the 1st Handheld pull-thru release to draw a bow like all other handheld trigger releases. There is no need to hang onto safety lever while drawing bow.

This 2 in 1 release allows you to choose thumb trigger or pull thru tension. Simply adjust 1 screw clockwise or counterclockwise to activate.

Abyss X-Tension Flex Specifications

  • Safe-lever safety let down the bow when choosing not to complete the shot.
  • Adjustable 3-Axis knurled thumb trigger
  • 16 Degree adjustment to move string pressure off face
  • Best pressure repeatability in the marketplace. Angle and finger placement pressure, consistent shot after shot.
  • Patented – First and Best adjustable fingers! Ultra-Flex personalized fit system. Flex finger pieces have a patented 30 degrees of movement at each pivot location. The articulating finger pieces give the release aid the versatility of a three finger finger or four finger model.
Abyss X-Tension Flex TSHS
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