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Weighing in at only 14 grains, our InSight™ Peep Housing has light baffles on the inside of the housing to eliminate glare. This all-metal housing has two strings angles to fit most bow/draw length configurations (37° and 45°). See chart to choose the optimal string groove angle.

Selecting the Proper String Groove:

For the best results, you will want your peep housing to sit as flat as possible at full draw for a straight line of sight towards the target.

  1. Using the chart below, determine your approximate string angle based on Draw Length and Bow Length (Axle to Axle).
  2. Once you have your approximate string angle you will be able to identify if you need either the 37.5º or 45º string grooves on the Standard InSight™ Peep housing, or if the 52.5º string groove present on the Short Draw Peep Housing would best fit your needs.

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Note: These values are approximations and string angles may vary slightly depending on bow model and cam size.

You can easily identify string grooves on the Standard InSight™ Peep Housing by locating the small dimple present in the 45º string angle. The string grooves without the dimple will be 37.5º.

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