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PSE EVO XF 33 S2 70lb Compound Bow

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Being performance driven is more than just a slogan.

It’s more than just slapping a new gimmick on last year’s model and calling it a day.

Being performance-driven means that every decision, every feature, and every improvement is hyper-focused on one thing only – outperforming everyone else.

The 2022 PSE EVO XF 33 S2 has been precision-engineered, field-tested, and fine-tuned for unparalleled performance.


The ALL-NEW PSE EVO XF 33 S2 Features

The 2022 EVO XF is powered by PSE’s all-new E2 and S2 cams, designed to maximize energy transfer from limb to arrow and to achieve optimal performance across a wide spectrum of draw length ranges, from 26 ½ inches all the way up to a 32 ½ inch draw.

The cam tracks on the E2 and S2 cams are also 15% wider, resulting in a more stable and consistent shot.

The E2 and S2 are offered with both high let-off and low let-off mods, and also feature wider and more robust draw stops for an amazingly solid back wall.

The PSE EVO XF 33 S2 has also been built with the new PSE Guard-Lok system, which allows the cable rod to shift left and right without affecting shot consistency.

The Guard-Lok provides maximum support to the cable rod and eliminates creep at higher draw weights and longer draw lengths.

Additionally, the new PSE Limb Vise pocket provides superior stability thanks to its new and improved limb locking system.

The Limb Vise Pocket is also 15% lighter than out previous pockets, all while maintaining durability and rigidity.

PSE EVO XF Tech Spec
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