PrefeX Long Neck 3 or 4 Finger Thumb Release Large Blackout


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Stan PerfeX Long Neck 3 or 4 Finger Thumb Release Large Blackout

Thumb activated PerfeXTM model. It’s mechanism offers the fastest lock time in the industry and minimizes the possibility of string interference. Not only is the speed faster than any other release on the market, but we have also expanded the traditional range of trigger tension adjustability from ridiculously light to absurdly heavy and everything in between. All this and the ability to set for zero trigger travel. No compromises, just exceptional performance. It comes in both long and short neck versions in sizes ranging from small to X-Large.

  • Thumb activated release aid
  • Built on the PrefeX Platform for the exact fit across all release styles
  • Lightning fas searing mechanism, from click to bang in the blink of an eye
  • No look open hook design, LONG NECK has a spring loaded string keeper
  • Infinitely adjustable PrefeX knob system comes with 5 length options (included)
  • Articulating finger extensions with 30 degree range of motion
  • Interchangeable 3 or 4 finger extensions (both included)
  • Integrated lanyard boss
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