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Rinehart Woodland Javelina Insert


The Rinehart Woodland Javelina Insert features signature self healing foam

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The Rinehart Woodland Javelina Insert is a replacement core for the Rinehart Woodland Javelina 3D Archery Target

The Rinehart Woodland Javelina Insert is a solid, UV-resistant Signature, Self-Healing Foam replaceable insert, which means it’ll take countless practice sessions to wear this target out.

Javelina, also known as peccary, is native to Central and South America, with populations existing throughout the Southwestern part of North America as well. Although not a true member of the hog family, Javelina is similar in structure and behavior. This makes them extremely challenging to hunt with archery equipment as they have an excellent sense of smell, move fast and their coloration acts as a natural camouflage.

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