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ASCENT Ground Blind (w/ Backpack) – DSX Camo


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The ASCENT ground blind from XENEK is loaded with patented innovation. Two concepts ruled the design process behind this blind: One, it had to offer more customizable shooting opportunities than any other blind on the market. Two, it needed to be the most durable ground blind on the market.

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The Ascent’s predecessor, the Apex, Ranked one of the better turkey blinds for 2017 by Bowhunter Magazine. “The Apex is one of the best blinds I’ve ever used. In fact, it’s probably my favorite hub-style blind, ever.” – Tony J. Peterson

The ASCENT ground blind from XENEK is loaded with patented innovation. Two concepts ruled the design process behind this blind: One, it had to offer more customizable shooting opportunities than any other blind on the market. Two, it needed to be the most durable ground blind on the market.


  • 72” x 72” (at hubs) x 73” tall.
  • 25 Pounds
  • XENEK’s DSX camo pattern (developed by Dave Smith of Dave Smith Decoys).
  • 600d polyester skin with black PU backing.
  • Panoramic Window with patented adjustment system using 4-way stretch fabric.
  • One-Way Vision Panels strategically located to provide visibility in key locations.
  • 10 built-in accessory mount locations. (Mini-Mount Couplers included with blind).
  • Tripod slots integrated into the wall system.
  • Heavy-duty reinforcing at corners of ground blind and other areas prone to wear.

In addition to the more apparent ways XENEK has introduced quality into the ASCENT ground blind, here are a few additional quality upgrades:

  • Heavy duty reinforcing cones at all wall corners to eliminate damaging of fabric during set-up and take-down.
  • Reinforced rod sleeves to eliminate puncture through the webbing.
  • Heavy duty reinforcing at hub/wall interface where fabric is vulnerable when ground blind is broken down.
  • Reinforcing gussets at window corners to prevent fabric tearing at stress points.
  • Solid fiberglass rods instead of hollow fiberglass rods.
  • Anodized hubs instead of painted hubs.


The ASCENT ground blind utilizes XENEK’s DSX camo, the first ever pattern developed by Dave Smith of Dave Smith Decoys. Using a macro pattern that also has variability across the pattern helps break up large objects, such as a ground blind. The extreme contrast in colors and the reliance on lighter colors allow the blind to blend into its surroundings.


When XENEK began testing different materials for the primary skin of the ground blind, we surveyed over 150 outdoor professionals, which included TV show hosts, outdoor magazine editors, and hunting guides & outfitters. When asked what the most important feature of a ground blind is, the overwhelming response was DURABILITY. At that point we focused on providing only the heaviest polyester fabric that can endure countless trips to the field. All ASCENT ground blinds are made with 600 denier polyester.


Rather than use catchy buzzwords to generate hype around this ground blind, XENEK lets the problem solving features of the Ascent do the talking. The Ascent includes a panoramic window utilizing XENEK’s patented adjustment system with 4-way stretch fabric, providing hunters with the most adjustable and customizable window on the market.
While a panoramic window is often ideal, many hunting scenarios call for the smallest and most precise windows possible. With that in mind, the new Ascent blinds feature adjustable narrow vertical windows on the opposite side from the panoramic window. The height and size of these windows are established by adjusting the zippers on the side of the windows and by sliding the adjustable window panels up or down to create the perfect window for the hunt. Additionally, these panels are reversible from camo to black.


Instead of the typical eye-bolt you find on the hubs of most blinds on the market, XENEK uses a coupling system that allows for the rapid attachment of blind accessories to the inside or outside of the blind. XENEK has introduced our Mini-Mount, which is a four-way articulating accessory mount for POV cameras and small video cameras that can be installed and removed in seconds. XENEK’s coupling system provides 10 permanent mounting locations for accessories on the ASCENT ground blind. (Mini-Mount Couplers are installed at all hubs, so no additional purchase necessary).


Anyone that has spent time in a ground blind understands how quickly you can run out of space inside the blind with all of your gear, especially if you’re filming your hunt. Tripods for video cameras always manage to take up any remaining space in the blind. The base of the tripod legs also require the video camera to be positioned away from the wall of the blind, limiting the field of view for the camera. XENEK has introduced tripod slots into the walls of the ground blind. The tripod slots allow for one of the tripod legs to pass through the wall. This allows the tripod and camera to be situated closer to the window for a greater field of view and to create more room within the ground blind. All tripod slots have flaps to prevent light from entering the blind.


During the years of development of the ASCENT ground blind, we assumed once the design of the blind was complete, we could work up a screen design in short time. Yes, we assumed INCORRECTLY, as we determined all screens we had used before did not do all we wanted them to do. The design of our screens became a full time job for months, as we set out to create screens that could satisfy ALL of our requirements.

XENEK provides screens that do the following:

1 – Can remain stretched tight, regardless of window configuration.
2 – Can be silently installed without use of Velcro, zippers, or snaps.
3 – Can allow for window adjustment while screens are fully installed.


One look at this blind and you will see that a “spare no expense” approach was taken in the quality of the construction. The blind features solid fiberglass rods, steel hubs, heavy-duty reinforced corners, reinforced window gussets, reinforced rod sleeves and the most robust fabric shell on the market with its 600d polyester construction. Furthermore, the Ascent ground blind is proudly backed by a Lifetime Warranty on the rods, hubs, and related mounting hardware.


One challenge hunters run into when using a small and narrow window, is that the hunter can’t see an animal coming into the shooting lane.  Therefore, XENEK has introduced one-way vision panels between the shooting windows that allow hunters to prepare for a shot without being seen.  These panels are strategically located to provide visibility in key locations and can be individually hidden or revealed, depending on the circumstances of the hunt.


BACKPACK (INCLUDED w ASCENT BLIND PURCHASE) – Over the years, hunting primarily public lands, we found ourselves taking the ground blind “pack” from other manufacturers and strapping it to one of our hunting packs in order to carry ALL of our gear in one trip. This made no sense to us.

The ASCENT ground blind comes with a backpack that allows you to haul all of your gear without the use of an additional pack. Also made of 600d polyester and using XENEK’s DSX camo, XENEK’s backpack includes a main compartment for the ground blind and two oversized side compartments for your gear. The main compartment is reinforced at the base to prevent wearing from the ground blind hubs during transportation. Also equipped with a bow/gun holder and 6 additional exterior straps, the backpack can carry the blind, your gear, chairs, camera equipment, decoys, and your bow/gun. The backpack includes a belt, shoulder straps, and a sternum strap, which are all adjustable.

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