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Odin’s Innovations Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent Beads 12oz

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The Odin’s Innovations Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent Beads 12oz is potent

Odin’s Innovations Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent Beads 12oz, in its most potent peak, as changing hormones mix with the chemistry of a doe’s urine emitting sensory signals to bucks that a doe in the area is ready for breeding.

Our high-quality synthetic blend effectively emulates the scent of this phase of the doe’s breeding cycle. Use during the peak of the rut to lures in bucks in search of those does that are receptive to breeding.

Whitetail Rut

It happens every year, in every state. It may be the only time of the season you can hope to catch a mature whitetail buck on the move in the daylight. During the rut, you know big bucks let their guard down and end up in unfamiliar territory. You need to guide them. Put down an attractant that will last for weeks; tempting them to stray within your perfect line of site.

Deer attractant

Products like the Odin’s Innovations Synthetic Doe Estrus Scent Beads 12oz feature an innovative, biodegradable polymer that absorbs and encapsulates large amounts of liquid scent.

It also includes natural fibers to provide outdoor color and texture, making the attractant almost invisible when dispersed on the ground. The attractant retains its scent over a prolonged period – even through a heavy dew or rainfall. They then biodegrade, leaving no trace to spoil the beauty of your favorite hunting area… Better Than You Found It®

No liquid to pour or measure. No dipping of wicks. No spray cans to carry around. Just sprinkle the attractant on the ground in the area to which you want to attract your deer or sprinkle them in a pattern that leads them to you.

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Doe Estrus

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