The right insoles can instantly change how your boots and shoes feel on your feet, mainly because they are made out of specially designed materials to keep you super comfortable. They support your feet as well, and Extreme Outfitters always has exactly what you’re looking for when it comes to all types of foot care.

Breathe some life back into those old boots and shoes. Replace old insoles with cushioning arch support insoles and feel the difference. Our shoe insoles and work boot insoles are designed to increase comfort with maximum arch support and forefoot shock pad.

They also feature an antimicrobial treatment that reduces bacteria and a moisture wicking construction that keeps feet dry. Use them every day and especially when you must run, walk or stand for extended periods of time. Shop Extreme Outfitters for insoles for men and women and keep your boots, shoes – and most of all – your feet – protected.

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AFS Orange (Medium)

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Superfeet Green Wide