Easton Axis Arrows: The Ultimate Guide - Easton Axis 5mm Arrow Spine Options
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Easton Axis Arrows: The Ultimate Guide

Easton Axis Arrows are an engineering marvel

In the realm of archery, the Easton Axis Arrows have carved a niche for themselves. Renowned for their tight tolerances and rugged durability, these arrows have become the go-to choice for many archers and bowhunters. This comprehensive guide delves into the various aspects of Easton Axis Arrows, from their unique features to their diverse applications.

The Easton Axis Arrows have emerged as a reliable choice for archers, thanks to their remarkable consistency and toughness. These arrows exhibit meticulous tolerances, compact diameter, and are priced reasonably, making them a worthwhile investment for hunting enthusiasts. But, are they the best fit for you? Let’s delve deeper to find out.

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Key Takeaways

Easton Axis arrows, with their remarkable consistency, durability, and versatility, have emerged as a reliable choice for archers and bowhunters alike. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, these arrows, with their diverse lineup and customization options, are sure to cater to your specific needs.

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Exploring the Key Features of Easton Axis Arrows

HIT System

A standout feature of the Axis shafts is Easton’s Hidden Insert System (HIT). Unlike the conventional insert used in standard diameter arrows, HIT is seated slightly inside the shaft using a provided tool. This arrangement allows the use of standard field points in a small diameter arrow, without the need for a halfout. The key benefit of HIT is that it aligns the point or broadhead with the inner diameter of the arrow shaft, enhancing consistency and reducing issues in getting broadheads to spin true.


The standard Easton Axis 5mm showcases a .003 straightness tolerance. However, the costlier Axis Pro demonstrates a .001 straightness tolerance. While the least expensive Axis Sport in the lineup, with a .006 straightness, is recommended for short-draw archers who will cut off a significant part of the shaft, as the straightness run out tends to worsen towards the shaft’s ends.


The outer diameter of an Easton Axis ranges from .245 inches in the 700 spine to .280 inches in the 260 spine. While not the smallest diameter shaft, it is indeed smaller than a standard carbon arrow. This smaller diameter helps in reducing wind drift and makes for a more durable shaft, thanks to the thicker wall.


With offerings ranging from a 260 to 700 spine, the Easton Axis arrows cater to a wide range of archers, whether you’re a short draw or a heavy bow shooter.


The weight of the Easton Axis Arrows can be customized according to your needs. With an array of spines and point weights available, an arrow weighing anywhere between 450 to 600 grains can be constructed.

Analyzing the Spine and Straightness of Easton Axis Arrows

Good broadhead flight and compact groupings are a direct result of tight tolerances. The Easton Axis arrows, with their .001 straightness and consistent spine across a dozen shafts, indeed live up to their reputation. The precision of these arrows is not only reflected in their performance but also validated through lab tests.

Understanding the Durability of Easton Axis Arrows

The Easton Axis arrows are renowned for their durability. The smaller diameter of these arrows not only reduces wind drift but also lends a thicker wall, making them more robust. However, the area between the hidden insert and the end of the shaft, being bare carbon with no added support, is prone to cracking or mushrooming. Nonetheless, with the right care and handling, these arrows can last multiple seasons.

Customizing Easton Axis Arrows

Easton Axis arrows can be customized with various add-ons. For example, Iron Will Outfitters offer a sleeve that slides over the end of the shaft to reinforce the arrow’s end. Also, good quality nocks like the Beiter hunter nocks can be added to enhance the arrow’s longevity and precision.

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Other Offerings in the Easton Axis Arrow Lineup (Hunting)

In addition to the outstanding Easton Axis arrows made of carbon, Easton offers several other hunting arrow models within their lineup. Each model has its unique features and benefits, catering to different needs and preferences of archers and bowhunters:

Best Practices for Easton Axis Arrows

Choosing the right arrow is crucial for achieving optimal performance in archery. Once you find an arrow that suits your needs, it is recommended to stick with it and refrain from frequently changing your gear. For many, the Easton Axis arrows have proven to be that reliable choice.

Applications of Easton Axis Arrows

Easton Axis arrows are versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. They work well for standard archery hunting distances (20 to 40 yards) and can be easily built into a medium or heavy-weight arrow by adjusting the spine and point weight. Moreover, with an Iron Will collar, these arrows are incredibly durable and offer great value for their price.

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