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Extreme Outfitters is your #1 stop for all things archeryHunting gear and outdoor & camping gear. Shop now our Easton Archery products in stock. Easton Archery started back in 1922 and revolutionized the archery industry in the 1940’s by introducing straight, consistent aluminum arrows and has been the world’s leading archery innovator ever since.

Easton Archery arrows are used by bowhunters, crossbowmen, 3D competitors, target shooters and Olympic archery competitors more than all other brands combined. Get your arrows today and make 4 interest-free payments at checkout!

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About Easton Products

Easton Archery offers a diverse range of arrow shaft products. They have three major arrow shaft design technologies catered towards target archers: Parallel shafts, tapered shafts, and barreled shafts, with the latter being at the top of the product line. A notable product is the new RX-7 series 7178 aluminum arrow shaft, which integrates a precision rear taper, allowing recurve shooters to fire larger arrows at a lower speed.

Another prominent product is the FMJ Hunting Arrows. These are not your average black carbon arrows. They stand out with a diamond plate pattern and are designed for meticulous hunters who value precision and confidence in their shots. Since their inception, these micro-diameter Full Metal Jacketed carbon arrows have stood out for their superior penetration, improved aerodynamics, higher downrange speed, and kinetic energy. They are considered the most deadly arrows for big-game hunting.

The Axis arrows from Easton Archery are another notable product in their line. These arrows feature high-strength carbon nanotube N-FUSED fibers. They are designed with a smaller diameter for better penetration and less wind drift. The Axis arrows also come with the HIT (Hidden Insert Technology) system that provides a sleek profile and improved broadhead alignment. These arrows offer a balance of speed, durability, and precision, making them a popular choice for both hunting and target archery. Overall, they reflect Easton Archery’s commitment to innovation and performance in the field of archery.

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