What We Love about the Mystery Ranch Pop-Up Series Hunting Backpack
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What We Love about the Mystery Ranch Pop-Up Series Hunting Backpack

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We Love about the Mystery Ranch Pop-Up Series Hunting Backpack and here is why. Bringing a dedicated meat hauler on a hunting day trip isn’t always the most convenient option. Luckily, we’ve found the perfect solution. With the Mystery Ranch Pop-Up Series hunting backpack, you can quickly convert your pack for long-hauling. It features a telescoping frame that expands to carry a haul weighing up to 80 pounds.

Keep reading to find out why the Mystery Ranch Pop Up series is a top choice for all types of hunters.

Mystery Ranch Pop-Up Hunting Backpack Overview

Here’s a quick look at some of the main reasons why we love the Mystery Ranch Pop Up packs:

  • Telescoping frame
  • Low-profile
  • Optimal space
  • Durable 
  • Greater comfort

The Mystery Ranch Pop Up backpack comes in two sizes. It’s available with a volume of 30 liters or 40 liters in both men’s and women’s designs. No matter the size or gender option, it’s going to provide the following benefits.

Mystery Ranch Pop-Up 30 Hunting Backpack

Telescoping Frame for Hauling

The telescoping frame is the standout feature of the Mystery Ranch Pop Up backpack. It allows you to transform the pack into a meat-hauling configuration. All sizes of the hunting backpack have a capacity of 80 pounds with the frame extended. 

The frame helps distribute the weight well, taking more of the burden off your shoulders and upper back. It’s more comfortable for carrying meat long distances. However, you may notice the comfort level starts to drop when carrying more than 50 to 60 pounds, which is still a significant load.

You get the support of a meat hauler in a versatile frame that can collapse back down into a standard pack.

The frame also features a built-in ¼-20 thumbscrew along the upper bar. It’s the perfect spot for securing a rifle mount, spotting scope, or camera.

Low Profile for Ease of Movement

The low profile of the pack is great for working your way through the brush without hitting branches and rustling the leaves. It also offers less restriction of movement, especially when prone. 

You can still lift your head to your scope while crawling to sneak closer to your target. The lower profile adds to the overall comfort of the hunting backpack when moving around heavy brush. 

Optimal Space for a Day Trip

The 30-liter and 40-liter packs give you plenty of room for a day’s worth of hunting gear. The pack also includes many pockets and storage areas, including a large main compartment. The 40-liter pack has a total volume of 2440 cubic inches, while the 30-liter pack has a volume of 1830 cubic inches. 

As with the typical hunting backpack, the Mystery Ranch Pop-Up hunting backpack features compression straps around the exterior to secure your gear. The face compression allows you to easily stow your rifle or bow, so you can quickly free up your hands.

Durable Materials and Construction

The Mystery Ranch Pop Up hunting backpack is built to last. It’s made with resilient material and quality construction to hold up to rugged conditions and frequent use.

The pack itself is made with 330 denier CORDURA fabric. It’s a nylon-based fabric that’s often used for law enforcement and military gear and clothing due to its high durability. It’s also highly water resistant, flexible, and capable of withstanding wear and tear due to long-term use. 

These packs are made to provide a lifetime of use. In fact, the company offers a lifetime guarantee for all packs, including the Mystery Ranch Pop Up Series. The guarantee covers all defects in material and craftsmanship. However, for a reasonable price, they’ll also handle any repairs due to normal wear and tear.

Superior Comfort for People of All Sizes

Mystery Ranch hunting backpacks include several design features that add to their comfort compared to options from other top brands. These packs stand out from the competition for their load-carriage technology, telescoping frames, and active framing.

Load Carriage is a proprietary design used for the mainframe, which is separate from the pack bag. The mainframe is made from durable yet flexible composite materials. This helps distribute the weight of the load instead of distorting the frame as you add more gear.

The frame and harness also feature telescoping designs. You can adjust the yoke for an exact fit for your torso length. When combined with the company’s unique lumbar wrap, you get a custom fit for greater comfort. 

Last Thoughts

The Mystery Ranch Pop Up Series hunting backpack is a solid choice for almost any day trip. It’s a lightweight, durable pack with optimal space and pockets for storing your gear.

The bag and frame are built to last and are secured with compression straps that you can use to secure other gear, including a rifle or bow. The overall design provides optimal comfort and freedom of movement when using it as a daypack. However, the main feature is the ability to quickly convert it into a hauler. 

The telescoping frame allows you to carry up to 80 pounds of meat back to your camp. It’s a convenient choice that is sure to make your next trip a little less cumbersome.

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