G5 ASD Flip Arrow Squaring Device


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G5 ASD Flip

The All New G5 ASD flip is designed to square off both ends of your arrow. By having both ends of your arrow perfectly square your arrow will fly true and straight. The new A.S.D. Flip fits all fletching sizes and is workbench mountable. Super easy to use and a solid robust construction makes the A.S.D. Flip a must have for any serious archer. The G5 ASD Flip is designed to hunt.


The A.S.D. Flip ensures your arrows and arrowheads spin perfectly by using this unique tool to machine/de-burr your arrow shafts and inserts square.


  • The ultimate in arrow squaring technology now upgraded for use on complete arrows
  • Debur and square both the nock and point end of your arrow shaft for improved accuracy
  • Perfect for tool in any archers kit for the best arrow builds
  • The extended height allows for clearance of vanes or feathers
G5 ASD Flip Arrow Squaring Device
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