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Hoyt Carbon Go-Stix Bow Stand – Your Favorite NEW Accessory

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The Hoyt Carbon Go-Stix is a seriously sleek bow stand that stays on when you shoot

the Hoyt Carbon Go-Stix are uniquely designed to easily prop the bow upright without adding excessive weight or bulk. Unlike other bow stands, Go-Stix can remain attached to the bow while shooting without affecting the shot. This prevents the need to remove it before a shot, making it perfect for bow-mounted decoys, sitting in a blind, or while on a stalk in the high country. The Go-Stix carbon rods are easily removed and the stabilizer connection is a quick-detach system for packing or storing the bow without having to remove the entire assembly.

Compatible with 2021 and newer premier aluminum and carbon Hoyt bows equipped with Short Stop Stabilizer locations.

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Additional information

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15 reviews for Hoyt Carbon Go-Stix Bow Stand – Your Favorite NEW Accessory

  1. Zack M. (verified owner)

    With Hunting out of a blind or a spot and stock out west this is the greatest accessory I have ever bought! No more laying my bow on the ground or leaning it up on something. Also, being able to take the legs off without taking the whole thing off is a great design. Great Product!!

  2. Tyler

    Had the go stix on my new bow for about 3 months. Had shot at the range roughly 10 times. Sat bow on flat ground. One leg simply snapped under just the weight of the bow. The tiny bolt in the leg snapped at off in the bow at the connection. Got the broken bolt out with pliers. Hoyt would not warranty or even help at all. This may have just been a defect in the metal of one of the go stix, but just a warning, because they aren’t cheap

  3. Donald Bisson (verified owner)

  4. Kyle Summers (verified owner)

    These are super handy. I think they are pricey and it’s not the easiest to get them tight and line up just right so your bow stands perfectly vertical. Otherwise, happy I got them.

  5. Tony Sangialosi (verified owner)

    I love me some fast delivery! Great job!

  6. David D. (verified owner)

    Great stand for my hoyt bow very stable an light weight would recommend

  7. Chad Chapman (verified owner)

  8. daniel d. (verified owner)

  9. John H. (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Solves many hunting blind problems. I would give it a five but the price is ridiculous!

  10. Travis N. (verified owner)

    Best attachment for hunting in a blind

  11. Vincent A Wesson (verified owner)

    I will be returning the product it doesn’t fit my Hoyt Bow. I did not remove from the package. I have the Hoyt Powermax and am looking for a bow stand for it that works. I have tried aftermarket and thought the Hoyt brand stand would work, but not with the Powermax. So I am still looking.

  12. Dennis D. (verified owner)

    I think the item is over price from what I got to see

  13. Troy Bell (verified owner)

  14. Mark K. (verified owner)

  15. Anonymous (verified owner)

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