TRU ball Trident Pro Flex Release


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TRU Ball Trident Pro Flex Release

The TRU Ball Trident Pro Flex is the first ever high-end thumb activated target/hunting release that automatically resets itself with no lag and no cocking bar!

  • Independent travel and sensitivity adjustments with lock
  • All internal mechanisms made of hardened stainless steel
  • Hardened stainless steel Tri-Star sear
  • Ultra-crisp adjustable 3-axis knurled thumb trigger
  • Ultra-Flex Personalized Fit System
    • Adjustable 3 finger piece: 30° of radial rotation in one location. (15° forward and 15° backward)
    • 4 Finger pieces sold separately: 30° of radial rotation in two locations. (15° forward and 15° backward)
  • Trident Pro Flex adds weight by Half brass and Half aluminum construction
    • Features QuickSilver Finish: Corrosion resistant electroless brushed nickel plated brass
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