Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Portable Charger




Dark Energy Poseidon Pro

The Dark Energy Poseidon Pro is built to last not days, not months but years. Making it one of the longest-lasting batteries.

Dark Energy Poseidon Pro Features

  • Unparalleled Longevity for Various Electronics: As a compact power bank, this travel charger for multiple devices has an extraordinary power capacity, holding 30+ hrs of power for smartphones, 4+ hrs for laptops, and 10+ hrs of power for camera gear
  • Compact and Portable Battery Packs: With measurements similar to most phones and a weight of just 9.6 oz, this portable charger iPhones can connect to is highly portable, making it an ideal battery for on-the-go power needs
  • Versatile Use: This battery bank is designed to work effortlessly with iPhone chargers, iPad chargers, camera chargers, and various other electronics featuring either a USB A or USB C charger connection
  • Near-Indestructible Portable Battery Charger: Add this powerbank to your travel essentials. Designed to withstand extreme conditions, this portable IPhone charger is waterproof and temperature tested, making it perfect for your next adventure
  • Complete with Accessories: The Posidon Pro is accompanied by our Carabiner Pro, a multi-functional locking carabiner featuring a bottle opener, screwdriver, steel knife, and window breaker for added versatility


  • Connector Type USB Type C
  • Battery Capacity 10200 Milliamp Hours
  • Product Dimensions 6″L x 3.25″W x 0.63″Th
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