2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review

2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review – New Speed Bow

The 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Reveals a new benchmark in energy transfer and efficiency

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2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review
2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review

The new 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow was built with speed in mind. The problem is when most people think of a speed bow, they instantly think harsh draw cycle, hand shock and an unforgiving compound bow. Well, we are here to tell you this new PSE Bow will completely shift your thinking on what a speed bow is, how it feels and performs! Without further ado, here is our 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review.

Riser Features & Brace Height

First off with the bow being a 33″ ATA bow it makes for a nice holding and stable platform which really helps to improve accuracy. The riser also offers some nice features for mounting different accessories. To begin with it has dual berger holes that allow you to mount traditional style rests securely using two bolts vs just one.

The riser also has machined mounting holes to mount the latest Hamskea Epsilon arrow rest and has a machined dovetail system designed to mount the QAD Integrate arrow rests.

These are nice features as they give the shooter the ability to use whichever arrow rest they prefer. This is the first bow in the industry to allow three different rest mounting options. The 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow riser also allows for the mounting of two-piece quivers. Which if you like a fixed low-profile quiver on your bow like some of us here do then you will really appreciate this feature.

PSE Omen

Technical Specifications

MASS WEIGHT: 4.5 lbs
DRAW LENGTH: 24-1/2″ – 28-1/2″
DRAW WEIGHT: 60, 70, 80
SPEED: 345 fps

One of the biggest complaints we hear in regards to speed bows though is the amount of hand shock the shooter feels in the riser after releasing an arrow. We were pleasantly surprised at the lack of vibration this bow produced even without any stabilizers mounted on it.

Cams & Speed

This is an important part of our 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review: The 2022 PSE Omen comes with two different cam options, the E2 cam and the S2 cam, allowing you to maximize performance and speed for all draw lengths. The E2 cam is designed for draw lengths from 27″ to 31″. This cam has an IBO rating of 356FPS while the S2 cam is designed for your shorter draw lengths of 24.5″ to 28.5″ with an IBO of 345FPS at 28.5″.

If you are in that 27″ to 28.5″ draw length and want to maximize the speed of the bow then we recommend opting for the S2 cam. At those draw lengths this cam will however have a stiffer draw cycle. If you are in that draw length range and are looking for a smoother draw cycle then we recommend you go with the E2 cam but you will be sacrificing a bit of speed for comfort.

The cams come standard with 80-90 percent let off mods, but you can opt for low let off mods from 65-75 percent if you enjoy shooting a bow with more holding weight.

PSE also increased the width of the cam payout tracks by 15 percent to distribute the load across the axles more evenly which results in a more stable and consistent shooting platform. They also beefed up the bearing system in the cams which will improve the durability and longevity of the bow.

2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review - PSE Omen E2 Cam

Full Draw Stability Technology

PSE knows that everything that matters happens at Full Draw and this can be the difference between success and failure. With this is mind PSE created their Full Draw Stability Technology. The purpose of the FDS technology is to minimize the torque the shooter induces on the riser at full draw to increase accuracy and consistency which leads to more success in the field or back country.

Precision Buss Tuning System

One of the features we still like from PSE is the PBTS or Precision Buss Tuning System. The PBTS allows for micro adjustment tuning. Since they widened the payout tracks for the E2 and S2 cams the PBTS allows for an even finer tuning capability so shooting bullet holes will never be an issue!

Limb Vice Pocket System

The new limb pocket system is 15% lighter than the previous limb pockets. PSE was able to reduce the weight of them without sacrificing durability or rigidity. The vice pocket system is ” Engineered to provide superior stability through an improved limb locking system. The limb pivots tighten against the handle surface to ensure the pocket remains centered over the riser regardless of limb bolt position.”

PSE Guard Lock Cable Slide

The new PSE Guard lock cable slide is another innovative design from PSE for 2022. This cable rod fixed with a dual screw mounting attachment allows for additional tuning measures if needed. Aside from ensuring a more stable and consistent shooting experience it also allows the shooter to adjust to accommodate different vane heights.

PSE Omen Bow In Stock

PSE Omen Shooting Experience

For this 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review. we did some testing with both a 70lb and 80lb Omen with the E2 cam at 90 percent let off at multiple draw lengths and with 2 different arrow weights. Each of these bows was shot without a stabilizer and through a whisker biscuit. So, they are robbed of a bit of speed and any hand shock the bow would put off would be felt fully.

First off, our overall shooting experience with the Omen was much better than anticipated. Like we stated, most speed hunting bows sacrifice comfort and shooting performance in the name of speed. The Omen had no more hand shock than your typical flagship hunting bows and with a 33″ ATA the bow held steady at full draw.

There is however a different draw curve to the PSE Omen than your typical speed bow. The draw cycle is not as stiff as we expected. It is a consistent draw cycle all the way up until right before the wall where it stacks.

At 90 percent let off though you can expect there to be a hump on the back half of the draw cycle that dumps into the wall. We are not huge fans of it but that is a byproduct of shooting a bow at 90 percent let off.

By adjusting the let off to 80 percent you decrease the dump on the back half of the draw cycle drastically.

Let’s dive into the speeds the Omen is producing through our chronograph.

At a draw weight of 71lbs, 29″ draw length at 90 percent let off with a 443 gr arrow we got a consistent speed of 302FPS and with a 487gr arrow we clocked it at 289FPS.

After shooting it at 29″ we stretched it out another inch for those longer draw length shooters to 30″ at the same 71lbs 90 percent let off. With the 443 gr arrow we got 311FPS and with the 487gr arrow we got 296FPS.

We didn’t stop there. If you are familiar with our shop then you know we have a high demand for 80lb bows and stock them regularly. Being we got an 80lb Omen in we wanted to see what this speed bow felt like at a higher poundage.

This bow at 80lbs has a stiff draw cycle but it’s 80lbs so no surprise there.

For a high poundage speed bow it’s actually enjoyable to shoot. It’s stiff but very manageable and at 28″ with a 487gr arrow its shooting an impressive 303FPS.

@ 30" Draw Length - Test - FPS

443 Grain Arrows ► 311FPS
487 Grain Arrows ► 296FPS

@ 29" Draw Length - Test - FPS

443 Grain Arrows ► 302FPS
487 Grain Arrows ► 289FPS

@ 28" Draw Length - Test - FPS

487 Grain Arrows ► 303FPS

What did we learn from our 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review?

Our Conclusion

With the stigma of speed bows from the past we know a lot of you are leery of those shorter brace height high speed bows. We can assure you the shooting experience of the PSE Omen will change your mind. For the purpose of this 2022 PSE Omen Compound Bow Review, the bow really impressed us overall.

With all of the new features it offers, the overall shooting experience and the speeds it puts out we highly recommend shooting it for yourself. If you’re in the market for a new hunting bow, we encourage you to check out the Omen!

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