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[Video Review] of the 2022 Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver

Introducing the world's most adjustable 1 piece quiver, the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver

Finding the perfect quiver can be a chore. With all the options and different configurations it can even be overwhelming at times. Lucky for us you can now get all of the best features in one quiver with the new Tightspot Shift Lock quiver!

Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver Features

Let’s take a look at all of the features the Tightspot Shift Lock quiver offers before we dive into our review. It really sets the bar high for quivers.

First off its ambidextrous so you don’t have to worry about buying a right or left hand specific quiver. It is a five arrow quiver so you can hold plenty of arrows for your hunt. It is also the first of its kind and the world’s most adjustable 1 piece quiver.

What does that mean you might ask? Well, it has a triple axis adjustment which enables you to move the quiver up or down, in or out as well as forward and back allowing for a full range of adjustment creating the perfect fit on your bow.

Find the Perfect Fit: The Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver offers their telescoping Rod Length feature which is huge. Gone are the days of an oddly balanced bow and too much of the shooters arrow hanging out of the quiver.

The telescoping rod lengths allows the user to adjust the overall length of the quiver and to move the hood up and down to achieve a better overall balance.

Whether your arrows are shorter or full length this quiver adjusts to accommodate any length perfectly and provide a perfect fit for your arrows.

Securely Retain Your Arrows: We’ve all been there. Breaking brush, covering ground through thick overgrown vegetation (especially here in Eastern NC) just to look down and see an arrow barely hanging on in the quiver or even worse, missing.

A lot of the arrow quivers out there only have one point of contact on the arrow and then the arrow slides up into the hood.

This allows for the arrow to easily be knocked out of the quiver. With the Tightspot Shift Lock quiver there are two arrow grippers allowing for two points of contact which locks your arrow into place and keeps it there.

On top of that you also have the adjustable arrow wedges which allow you to adjust the tension on the arrow it self.

Whether you are shooting micro diameter 4mm arrow shafts or standard shafts you get the proper fit for maximum arrow security in the quiver.

Overall Design: The Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver is made with aluminum and woven carbon fiber.

This thing is tough and lightweight considering all of the features it offers. It comes in at a mere 13.8 ounces.

The hood design offers users the ability to shoot a wide variety of broadheads. Those who are chasing higher FOC and shooting larger fixed blade broadheads will really appreciate this.

The larger hood design accommodates those larger and longer broadheads without making the quiver seemed jammed pack and having to worry about broadheads touching and getting tangled up in it.

The hood also has a nice built in quiver hanger allowing you to hang it on a hook if you prefer to shoot with it removed.


Quick Detach Mount: The Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver gives you the best of both worlds. You can adjust it to your liking and leave it fixed or you can remove the quiver from the bow and hang it up.

The quick detach allows the user to remove the quiver quickly and quietly, which is crucial when in the woods hunting.

The oversized dovetail rail mount gives you the ability to slide the quiver in and out to fine tune the balance of the bow and really helps to eliminate side torque from having a quiver fixed to the bow.

Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver Set Up

I went ahead and mounted the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver on my latest bow build, my Hoyt Ventum Pro 33. The first thing I noticed when I mounted it was how closely it fit to the riser.

This thing is snug. It fits nice and tight and provides a sleek low profile look and feel which for me is high on my priority list being here on the coast where the woods are extremely thick.

Anything extra hanging off the bow gets tangled up and hung up. I went with the OD Green color option since my bow is the new Hoyt Wilderness green color.

The color surprisingly matches pretty well. I know if I’m going to spend money on a bow set up not only do I want it to perform but it needs to look good and it does just that.

It’s a quiver so setup is fairly straight forward. It comes with two screws and a oversized dovetail mount which is nice.

It provides a wide variety of adjustment to get the quiver mounted at the perfect angle for you.

The Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver mounts directly to your bow sight which let’s it work with just about any bow on the market as long as your sight has the two quiver mount holes.

I have quivers that are fixed to the riser which are nice but they only work on certain bows. This quiver can be taken off and mounted on virtually any bow out there.

Once I mounted the bracket I went ahead and adjusted the telescoping rods to fit my Easton Axis 4mm arrows.

This was super easy. There are six screws in the center of the quiver that you loosen that allow you to adjust the rods up or down to fit what ever arrow length you have perfectly.

Not only does the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver adjust up and down to fit your arrows but the adjustable arrow wedges give you the ability to adjust the tension on the actual arrow shaft. This is awesome.

Being I am shooting the micro diameter 4mm Easton Axis arrows I can adjust the wedges with the retention screws to fit these arrows and not have to worry about them sliding out due to the smaller size shaft.

Pair that with the dual arrow grippers providing two points of contact on the arrow, these arrows are secure and aren’t going anywhere.

The final step in the set up process was sliding the quiver on to the dovetail mount.

The mount is wide enough to allow you to slide the quiver closer or further away from the riser and secure it down with the quick detach lever.

Some quivers don’t have the ability to adjust in and out from the riser which can cause issues with arrows contacting the rest and potentially causing the rest to hang up.

One of the things I noticed once the quick detach lever was secure and in the locked down position the quiver was not going anywhere.

There is absolutely no play in the quiver itself, the arrows in the quiver or the mount securing it to the bow. No movement equals no noise and is a must with any hunting bow set up.

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Tightspot Shift Lock Shooting Experience

After getting the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver set up and mounted I was eager to take it outside and do some shooting to get a a feel for it.

After nocking an arrow and getting off my first shot I was immediately impressed by the lack of vibration and noise in this quiver.

Generally in some quivers there is a bit of vibration from the arrows or even the mount but with the arrows locked in place and it securely mounted with the quick detach lever the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver is dead silent.

After a few more shots I adjusted the pitch of the quiver to my likings and got the bow holding perfectly.

The Hoyt Ventum Pro 33 is a good shooting bow by itself but paired with this Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver it is a tac driver. The quiver fits incredibly tight to the riser and it seems to even quiet the bow down a bit more.

I decided to step back a bit further and really stretch out the distance.

I took a few shots at 70 yards and I was sold. My group was incredibly tight, the bow held rock solid, I didn’t feel like I was fighting it one way or the other and it was quiet as can be.


The Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver is going to be tough to beat. With all of the features it offers and the vast amount of adjustability, this quiver can be set up for any one and any arrow configuration.

It is a bit on the higher end of the price scale but in my opinion it is worth every penny. If you are in the market for a high end quality quiver then I highly encourage you to check out the Tightspot Shift Lock Quiver. You won’t be disappointed!

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