Mathews V3X Bow Review: New Hunting System!
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Mathews V3X Bow Review: New Hunting System

The Mathews V3X Bow is one of the nicest shooting bows on the market right now.

Bow hunting comes down to a certain level of skill but also requires the right tool for the job. The Mathews V3X bow review is about giving you all of the information that you need to determine whether you have the right tool for the job.

There are a ton of aspects to cover, from sizes and different available models. Each has slightly different levels of performance than their counterparts, so it is important to keep that in mind before making your purchase.

Mathews V3X Bow Review: Important Characteristics \

The first thing that we are going to look at in the Mathews V3X bow review is the variety of features available. We will look at the hand shock, balance and feel, speed, draw cycle, and (perhaps most importantly) accuracy. Important note, there are two ATA lengths: 29″ & 33″. This article is primary focused on the performance specs for the V3X 29”.

Balance and feel. Let’s start our Mathews V3X Bow Review with the balance and feel of V3X. Most feel that it is superior to the V3 in terms of balance. This is largely due to the longer rising and the ability to better balance accessories with the bow. Without proper balance, a shot can be off and even a minute imbalance can create inaccurate shots.

Draw cycle. There were some people who were left wanting more with the V3’s draw cycle, but those issues seem to have been alleviated with the V3X. The addition of two more inches has seemed to make a substantial difference in how the draw feels. The solid back wall also adds a level of stability that was not there with the V3.

Speed. At 340 feet per second, the Mathews V3X definitely has a bit more speed than its predecessor (The 29” shoots 340FPS and the 33” shoots up to 336FPS). What’s more is that shots are very stable even at that speed, meaning quicker, cleaner, and more accurate shots than you would get out of the V3.

Hand shock. One of the biggest issues with low-end bows versus their higher-end counterparts is in hand shock. The good news is that the V3X offers no hand shock. The worst you feel is a dull thump when the string has been released, which is barely noticeable. No more heavy vibrations or shocks felt throughout the hand.

Accuracy. This is the most important feature of any bow and the Mathews V3X definitely delivers. Users have called the accuracy of this bow amazing, being able to use it after just a few minutes of prep and use. What’s more is that, after 30 minutes, experienced users were extremely accurate up to 30 yards.

Mathews V3X Bow Review: New Hunting System!

It is the kind of bow that can leave you feeling extremely comfortable and confident in your shot in no time. When it comes to the right bow, some just feel better than others. The Mathews V3X offers some of the finest bow hunting possibilities out there.


  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 29”
  • PHYSICAL WEIGHT: 4.47 lbs*
  • LET-OFF: 80 or 85%
  • DRAW WEIGHTS: 60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTHS: 25.5 – 30″
29" Mathews V3X Bow


  • AXLE-TO-AXLE: 33”
  • BRACE HEIGHT: 6.5”
  • PHYSICAL WEIGHT: 4.67 lbs*
  • LET-OFF: 80 or 85%
  • DRAW WEIGHTS: 60, 65, 70, 75 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTHS: 27 – 31.5”
33" Mathews V3X Bow

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When it comes to hunting systems, the Mathews V3X is one of the finest out there.

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Mathews V3X Bow Review: Accessories \

A Mathews V3X bow review would not be complete without reviewing the accessories as well. Considering the V3X is a system, it means that the accessories play as large a role in the quality of the shot as the bow itself.

Both the accessories and bow are designed to work in tandem, which is why it is called a hunting system. The goal is to create a system that is quiet, easier to shoot, and well balanced to increase accuracy.

Let’s start with the lock sight. The bridge-lock sight gets mounted directly to the riser of the bow. There is no need for an external mounting bracket as would be the case not only with the V3 but with other bows as well. The lock sight does three things: it works to improve the balance of the bow, it reduces vibration from the shot, and it works to create a more streamlined profile.

The bridge-lock has a five-pin design that is fixed and allows for micro adjustments to windage and elevation. All to create a cleaner, more accurate shot.

There is also the Mathews LowPro Quiver, which comes in a few different options. There are the detachable five-arrow and fixed six-arrow configurations. The LowPro is able to move the arrows closer to the riser, which works to improve balance greatly. It also helps to minimize vibration, which is hugely important in bow hunting.

Finally, there is the Stay-Afield-System (SAS) that has been recently introduced by Mathews. What is great about the SAS is that it allows you to do field repairs on the spot. This includes replacing cables, replacing strings, and installing peeps using nothing more than a simple half-ounce servicing cable.

There is nothing like being out on a hunt and having a busted bow. Having the right field repair kit means never being stuck without your weapon again. Never miss out on the next big shot when you can make the fast repairs that you need.


When it comes to hunting systems, the Mathews V3X is one of the finest out there. The bow itself is well balanced, provides good speed, and minimal vibration when fired. The accessories all work to not only improve the quality of the bow but the quality of the shooter as well.

For those who have some experience in bow hunting, the Mathews V3X is a bow that you should be considering. It can make becoming a more accurate shooter possible in a lot of different ways. Not to mention the accessories are easy to use, including the field repair kit that has so many possibilities.

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